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We believe that effective communication is the key to a successful classroom!

Project RESPECT is a three-year research study through which we hope to develop a full curriculum to help teachers communicate more effectively with their students.  This curriculum is centered on enhancing teachers’ social and emotional competence through how they speak with their students and manage classroom conflicts.  Through three phases of the research, we plan to develop our program, test out innovative supplemental components, such as virtual roleplay tools using artificial intelligence technology, and determine how well this curriculum works.

We invite teachers to visit our ‘For Teachers’ page for more detailed information about the project and how to participate.  Your participation and input is key for this process.

Students are crucial for our research—they interact with our participating teachers on a daily basis and can give us great insight into teachers’ daily practice.  We take all of our study participants’ privacy and time commitment very seriously.  We invite parents to visit our ‘For Parents’ page for more detailed information about what participating in our study means for students.

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