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For Teachers

Building off Social-Emotional Learning, Project RESPECT is a professional development program to help teachers implement the principles of non-violent communication, learn strategies to prevent and de-escalate conflict, communicate effectively with difficult students and parents to build positive relationships and rapport, instill a "growth" mindset in unmotivated students, and learn research-based strategies for managing the day-to-day stress in the classroom. 

What will I do?

  • Professional Development – Participate in a two-day professional development workshop during scheduled PD days spring semester 2016. 
  • Coaching – Participate in 2-3 coaching calls with one of the program facilitators following the PD.
  • Self-Report Survey – Before and after the professional development. Time: approximately 30 minutes.
  • Student Surveys – Teachers will facilitate a survey of the students that will provide valuable feedback to the teacher. Time: approximately 20 minutes.
  • Classroom Observation – Participate in 2 classroom observations during spring semester, one before and one after the professional development workshop. These will be conducted via a small go-pro video camera set up in the teachers’ classrooms.
  • Time: no extra time. Interview – Participate in a focus group interview.Time: approximately 60-75 minutes

How will I benefit?

  • Skills & Knowledge – Learn cutting edge strategies for communication and stress management, including how to facilitate a “growth mindset,” how to manage everyday problem behaviors using “generative communication,” and how to avoid the “burnout cascade.”
  • Feedback – Receive aggregated feedback from their students and feedback from PSU trainers through coaching calls.
  • Community – Opportunity to learn with colleagues and PSU trainers in a non-threatening, collaborative environment.
  • Compensation – Use two professional development days to complete the workshop. Completion of surveys and observations will include compensation of $100.  Participation in interviews and optional curriculum development $25/hour.

How can my class participate?

  • Teachers must be full-time regular education teachers of grades 6-12
  • Students must be full-time regular education students who are taught at least 1 class by the participating teacher.
  • English Language Proficiency: All participants must be fluent in English to fully participate in study activities.